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Gyro-Trac introduces the Biomass Baling System to Canada!

Hello to all of our Customers and Friends;

Gyro-Trac is proud to announce that Biomass Baling System (“BBS”) has arrived in Western Canada and is operating in Alberta!

The BBS arrived in mid-January and is presently working on a jobsite north of Grande.  Daniel Gaudreault, Gyro-Trac’s owner and founder, is currently in Alberta overseeing the introduction of the new BBS, and Gyro-Trac will continue to be available to support this unit through hands-on training and service.

Regarding the Biomass Market, Gyro-Trac is working closely with Tim Keddy of the Department on Natural Resources of Canada as well as the Environmental and Sustainable Resources, private contractors and other parties.  The Canadian Biomass Market has huge potential for growth based on existence of biomass feedstock resources and the push to grow the Biomass Industry.

Gyro-Trac is also excited to announce that it has opened a sales office in Edmonton.
You can contact us locally by calling (780) 719- 9743.
Please reach out to us to learn about the BBS and exciting new developments to other Gyro-Trac’s products.

We look forward to speaking with you and gladly answering any questions you may have about Gyro-Trac.  We are also available to schedule demonstrations of the new BBS.

Daniel Gaudreault, Francois Gaudreault and I will be available in Alberta at various times over the next year or so.

Gyro-Trac anticipates opening a retail store with service, part and sales within approximately the next 12-18 months so that we can offer increased support and service our loyal customers in Western Canada.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at the numbers and email listed below.

Tim Bush, National Sales Manager
780-719-9743- CA.



BioEnergy Baling System flipped


After a 3 week tour of Canada, I’m proud to say and respond that the BBS-Biomass Baling System was a huge success!

We demoed to about 100 people from Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Drayton Valley, Grand Prairie and throughout Alberta.   The response was overwhelming a success, as our guest were impress, shocked and stunned that a unit existed that was able to mulch, capture the mulch, send to another chipper to resize and then send to a baler that would compress 30% and bale in a one ton bale (AWESOME).   With a one ton bale, now a trucking company can max out on weight and not volume, also it is more manageable for lazer, pinpointed application if needed.

We would like to “Thank” all who attended our demos and to all that help pull this successful demo together such as Oliver’s Bush hogging out of Beaufort SC, Hedgeco Mulching of Drayton Valley to Tim Keddy of The Department of Natural Resources of Canada, Tom Helgesen and to our very own Gyro Trac staff.


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Evolution of Technology

BioEnergy Baler

BioEnergy Baling System

  • More Productive: More work with less HP, less weight, and less fuel
  • Lower production costs
  • No heavy transport needed or Wide Load permits
  • No damage to roots of neighboring ˝Keeper˝ trees
  • No more soil rutting, erosion, and run-off
  • Smaller mulch size means it biodegrades more rapidly than larger shreds
  • Clean land Faster, Better & more Cost Effective
  • Produce more aesthetically pleasing and environment- friendly mulch

The Gyro-Trac Way