Gyro-Trac would like to Re-introduce and Welcome Tim Bush back to the Gyro-Trac Team!


Tim re-joined Gyro-Trac in August 2013 as Sales Manager for Outside Sales (Wholegoods/Domestic and International). Tim originally worked with Gyro-Trac between 2002 and 2005, as an Outside Sales Rep for Equipment and, later, Parts and also as the Sales Manager.

Tim tells a little story about the first time he saw a Gyro-Trac Brushcutter in action. In the early 2000’s, Tim visited Gyro-Trac and was treated to a brief demonstration of the GT-18.  The Brushcutter demo made a lasting impression on Tim, and to this day, he swears that he did not sleep for two nights because he couldn’t stop thinking about selling Gyro-Trac mulchers and becoming a part of the Gyro-Trac Team. Tim insists this is a TRUE STORY, and will be happy to recount it for you anytime!

While Tim is the current “new guy” at Gyro-Trac, he is not in unknown territory. Tim has been an owner and operator of Gyro-Trac Brushcutters and a successful business man in his own right.  In 2005, Tim purchased a GT-10 and struck out in the Land Clearing and Mulching business with his own company Bush Bros. Mulching and Clearing which successfully operated in Georgia and northern Florida from 2005 until 2008.  The economy took its toll on the land clearing industry and Bush Bros. closed in 2008.  From there, Tim went to work as an outside sales rep covering two territories for a National MRO Supplier and created growth of 52% in the first 9 months. Quickly promoted to an Area Manager covering a portion of three states, he continued to consistently grow that business year after year.  Tim brings this wealth of experience with him as he returns to Gyro-Trac.

Tim knows Gyro-Trac, but because he was a Gyro-Trac customer, he also knows that side of the story.  He has turned the wrench, changed the filters, and sharpened the teeth at the end of a long day in the field.

Gyro-Trac Brushcutters have evolved between the mulcher Tim first saw to the GT-25XP mulcher and cutterhead attachments available now.  But the awe-inspiring performance of Gyro-Trac mulching equipment has not changed.  If anything, it is even more impressive as it continues to excel in right of way maintenance, seismic exploration, oil and gas line maintenance and other general land clearing and mulching.  Gyro-Trac’s and the industry’s future is bright and strong.  This bright future combined with Gyro-Trac’s introduction of biomass collection innovations like the Biomass Baling System make Tim’s enthusiasm today even greater than it was a decade ago.

Gyro-Trac is excited to have Tim back on board bringing with him ideas and experiences that he has acquired through a lifetime of Sales and being a Business Owner of Gyro-Trac mulching equipment, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm and energy.

Welcome to the Gyro-Trac Team, Tim!


Evolution of Technology

BioEnergy Baler

BioEnergy Baling System

  • More Productive: More work with less HP, less weight, and less fuel
  • Lower production costs
  • No heavy transport needed or Wide Load permits
  • No damage to roots of neighboring ˝Keeper˝ trees
  • No more soil rutting, erosion, and run-off
  • Smaller mulch size means it biodegrades more rapidly than larger shreds
  • Clean land Faster, Better & more Cost Effective
  • Produce more aesthetically pleasing and environment- friendly mulch

The Gyro-Trac Way