Cuts like an Axe

Instead of hammering away at a tree like swing-tooth Cutter-heads, Gyro-Trac’s patented Cutter-Head with planar style teeth set in a spiral design and controlled bite, can literally cut through trees like an axe. This planar style tooth gives you increased production while leaving a finer more attractive mulch. Operators can mulch the largest and toughest trees with the increased power of this fixed tooth spiral design and at the end-of-the-day leave the job-site looking like a park!
Controlled BitePlanar Cutting TeethSpiral Design

Low Ground Pressure

Rear Tracks

Gyro-Trac Captive Track System

The captive track system is composed three (3) multi-ply nylon and polyester reinforced tracks, assembled with heat treated steel cross-links. These tracks are enclosed by the machine’s steel tub on their inner side and a captive cage on the outer side, making throwing a track nearly impossible. The tracks mold to the terrain as the machine moves, distributing overall ground contact and giving the machine its incredibly “Low Ground Pressure” and enabling the machine to traverse swampy wetlands and steep rocky inclines with ease. The fact is, a Gyro-Trac machine can venture into some areas where humans on foot and other machines cannot.

Gyro-Trac’s aggressive floating track system traverses steeper and/or wetter terrain than steel tracked machines. Unlike steel tracks, which allow the Cutter-head to bounce, this terrain conforming system allows the Cutter-head to stay level on uneven terrain, maximizing productivity.

Steep TerrainMold to TerrainWetlands

Optimized Hydraulic Formula

Gyro-Trac mulchers utilize a Closed-loop Hydraulic System. Each track has its own heavy-duty traction motor and pump. The Cutter-head’s drum is driven by one or two variable displacement hydraulic motors that are also driven by their own pumps. Each closed loop circuit maximizes hydraulic horse power without sacrificing the drum’s cutting ability.

Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

  • Fully-Enclosed Tilt Cab
  • Comfortable Adjustable Seat
  • Certified ROPS/FOPS/OPS
  • Halogen Exterior Lights
  • Lexan Safety Glass Windshield
  • Access Doors and Covers for fast and easy access for Maintenance and Service
  • Pressurized Cabin to Keep out dust and fumes